MD Sports Performance is a group of trained and licensed sports professionals who provide individual and consulting services to local and regional athletes and teams at all competitive levels.

Collectively, we have experience with more than 35 individual and team sports as well performers in music, dance and theatre.  In addition to performance enhancement work, we can diagnose and treat common problems among athletes like stress, injury recovery, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, anger, insomnia, low energy, disordered eating, poor school performance and attention deficit and/or hyperactivity. Contact us directly about our services and fees.

Jessica Mohler, PsyD.

Michelle Garvin, Ph.D


Achieving peak performance on a consistent basis requires a combination of profession specific training, physical conditioning, life balance, and mental preparation. What predicts high achievement in persons with talent is the integrated use of a set of mental and behavioral skills that can be learned.

> Are dissatisfied with your performance level or consistency
> Make mistakes in pressure situations
> Are negatively affected by personal stress
> Are overly self conscious while performing
> Looking to get to the next level

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Sports Psychiatry: Strategies for Life Balance & Peak Performance

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Dangerous Minds: A recent rash of suicides underscores the importance of mental health care in sports by Pablo S. Torre. August 15, 2011.

Dr. McDuff commented on the importance of screening athletes for stress and anxiety/mood/sleep disorders and providing easier access to psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Light In The Darkness: Led by players such as Ian Snell, Baseball is taking the lead in pro sports in addressing depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems by Pablo S. Torre. June 21, 2010.

Dr. McDuff commented on the emotions of competition and performance and ideal performance and problem services’ design in professional sports.

Chargers' Kaeding explains lonely life of kicker, looks to rebound by Stefan Fatsis. February 01, 2010.

Dr. McDuff commented on the intense pressures that kickers face and must master in big games.

Dr. McDuff was a consultant for the prepartion of A Few Seconds of Panic by Stefan Fatsis (2008) providing mental skills training to the author while he attended the Denver Broncos training camp in 2006 (pages 141 - 144) .